Europia2020 approda in Bulgaria

Continuano le attività del progetto Europia 2020; European Design, il progetto triennale Erasmus+, che attraverso laboratori e scambi di allievi e insegnanti cerca di creare le sembianze e investigare sui valori di una città ideale europea.

Questo ottobre la meta del progetto è stata Sofia, in Bulgaria, dove Rebeka e Noel (classe II), accompagnate dalla professoressa Liliane Strmčnik, hanno passato una settimana piena di eventi ed emozioni, riassunta da loro nei paragrafi successivi. Buona lettura.


The project started on Monday the 14th of October with an opening ceremony and the presentations of the partners School council and Democratic student government structures, followed by the school visit. After lunch, we had a guided graffiti tour, where the guide talked about the first graffiti and how they became so popular. He also talked about the meaning of some of them during the tour. We discussed if they are a good or a bad thing and where they are inappropriate to draw.

On Tuesday 15th of October we started the day with Korean, Japanese and Chinese workshops. During the workshops we talked about the culture, and we learned some of Chinese calligraphy, we have been shown Korean dances and the Japanese kimonos that we were able to try on. After that we had a graphic design and lettering for 3D painting workshop. After lunch, we visited the local co-working place, where we watched a video and found out more about the co-working places and what they’re used for.

On Wednesday 16th us students participated in a debate regarding Europia 2020, the main reason we were there: we had to think about an ideal city and how we would like it to be. The Austrian students summarized the constructions ideas debated in the earlier meetings and made new points with the help of others. After lunch, we had a graphic design workshop, where they presented us how to make a comic book as a fun travel guide and how we could make one for the city of Europia.

On Thursday 17th of October we had a one-day trip to Plovdiv where they showed us the old town. After lunch we headed back to Sofia.

On Friday, for most of the students the last day, we had to write some words that we thought would be good qualities for the city and decorate them however we wanted on special touch TVs. That was the last activity we had with the project.

During the week in Bulgaria we met new people that we became good friends with, tried new food and stepped out of our comfort zones. We had a lot of fun because we had lots of free time and thanks to that we were able to visit the city. It was a very good experience to look back at and the both of us wanted to stay there a little longer.

Written by Noel Garafolj and Rebeka Fischer

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